Nazi Propaganda Posters

Hitler’s propaganda mobilized millions. It was omnipresent. Goebbels: „Did the National Socialist movement come to power through the theoreticians – or through the propagandists?“ He brought in the best advertising artists. The most extensive collection of Nazi posters. Cruelly effective.

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Into the Fire

Enno Lenze, head of the Berlin Story Bunker, was on his way to Butscha when this place was not yet synonymous with Russian war crimes. He reports from the front line in Ukraine, from the fight against IS in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, from the Taliban in Afghanistan, from tear gas attacks on students in Hong Kong. He also covers arms fairs in Paris and Dubai and the attempted storming of the Bundestag by the Reichsbürger.

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The Führer Bunker

This book shows where the bunker was located and what stands at its site today. It illuminates the construction history of the cement cave, captures the drama of Hitler’s downfall through eyewitness accounts and dispels the myths surrounding the bunker. Kellerhoff is the best bunker historian.

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Checkpoint Carlie 

Every tourist attraction has a solid historical background: kidnappings, breakthroughs and espionage. Here the world stood on the cliff of the Third World War – the tank confrontation on 27 October 1961 froze the blood in the veins of Berliners and the world. Russian and American tanks faced directly each other.

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1945 in Berlin

The book shows Berlin at the worst moment in its history. How the city is conquered and more than 200,000 people perish in the last days of the „Third Reich“; how Hitler stands in front of the Führerbunker; how the army surrenders, the rubble women clear away the rubble and life sprouts again.

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DVD: Who was Hitler

The most comprehensive film about Adolf Hitler – seven and a half hours. His biography has never been told like this before. Original quotations from diaries, speeches, letters and autobiographies, assembled with new, often unpublished archive material – half in colour. Without contemporary witnesses, without historians.

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DVD: All about Berlin

Three films about Berlin on one DVD by Berlin expert and historian Wieland Giebel: The Making of Berlin – the history of the city from the beginning until today. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 from the material of the city archive. Berlin today, how the metropolis became so hip. Extensive bonus material.

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DDR (GDR) in Color

This is how the GDR really existed, otherwise it would not have been possible to photograph it. Clean, self-confident, full of building pride, with a positive image of man and for a better world. The past was dark, but the future was supposed to be bright. Fake or real? Hard to say. In any case, the photos are impressive.

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Jens Schöne goes beyond the history of the GDR that has already been written. His vividly written book is not only about party functionaries, the Stasi and resistance against the illegitimate SED regime, but also about everyday life, „normal“ people, small villages and farmers, so many of whom fled. He is an agricultural historian.

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Where in the World is the Berlin Wall?

To tourists looking for the Wall, we say: „Unfortunately, you are a few decades too late!“ But more than 240 segments of the Berlin Wall can be found in more than 140 countries and on all continents – as well as on Mars. This book goes on the trail of the „emigrated“ Wall with photos and reports.

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Adolf Hitler – His life in Photos

Unlike the majority detailed works by other historians, Armin Fuhrer addresses (younger) people with an interest in history who may not be so familiar with the subject. Over 96 pages with more than 200 images, his photo-biography provides a critical overview of Hitler’s political career and the history of the “Third Reich”.

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Berlin Guide 1945

The sights of Berlin described for the occupying soldiers. A historically exceptional city guide for GIs and one for French soldiers from the immediate post-war period – together in one book. With many pictures of the bombed city. Plus a historical local transport map and a trilingual introduction..

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What was the Berlin Wall? (for kids)

A book for children about the Berlin Wall. Spanning the period from the end of the Second World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall, it tells the story of the people whose lives were changed by the Wall, sometimes even destroyed. Why was it built? What was it like to live with the Wall? Who helped to tear it down?

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Three times Berlin

A comparison of history from three times: 100 years ago, last century and today. For example, from the historic Prussian Palace to the Palace of the Republic in the GDR to the construction site of the Humboldt Forum, the new palace, photographed from the air.

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Zeitenwende – turning point

Berlin1989: „Let the little one take a picture!“ shouted Willy Brandt. He meant Tobias Seeliger, just turned 16 and pushed away from the phalanx of press photographers. Unique photos were taken at his East German school, at the protests against the GDR election fraud, at the large-scale East German demonstrations.

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Rückblende – Berlin in the 90s

Immediately after reunification, East Berlin was a huge space of possibility: a city centre full of wastelands and vacant buildings with plenty of space for alternative uses. While temporary clubs and galleries used open spaces, countless construction sites announced the change. Before the new came.

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Häuserkampf: Fighting demolition in the 1980s

Lothar Schmid documented the urban war in Berlin in the 1980s. The pictures tell how militant resistance against the demolition of old houses is organised. But they also show conflict solutions. How can the successes of that time be defended today? What can be done to counter the event culture?

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standstill and movement – people in Kreuzberg

Squatters, street parties, reservations. Stone-throwing demonstrators, police, punks. Car wrecks and tear gas. Coal and stove heaters. Headscarves, Jesus, sheep’s wool. Street riots and tear gas. Old women, long hair, crazy children. A book of photographs.

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For many years, photographer Peter Frischmuth travelled the world to capture extraordinary, fascinating murals in pictures for his large-format book. Frischmuth brings the murals to life through skilful staging with real people in front of them. Do you see real people on this cover?

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The history of Berlin for kids

The history of Berlin for children aged 7 to 12. Can you imagine that where Berlin stands today, there was once nothing? This book is about robbers and pig poop, about wild parties and great battles, about princesses, kings and emperors, about terror under the National Socialists, life at the Wall and the new beginning.

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 My Gorilla has a Villa in the Zoo!

The history of Berlin Zoo from 1844 to the present day. Each of the countless animals that live in Berlin Zoo has its own story to tell. Billy the goat, who demanded a beer every night. Bobby the gorilla who couldn’t sleep without his cuddly toy. Stories of animal friendships, jealous parrots, ravenous tapirs, mischievous emus.

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Mathematical Berlin

Readers are guided through the center of Berlin leading to places of mathematical interest and providing background information about mathematics in Berlin, mathematical institutions, and many mathematical giants who have worked here. What mathematical sights are there in the city?

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Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: photography 1990-2018

The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is hip, colourful – and the development of more than two decades is as rapid as it is challenging. Photographs by eight photo artists documenting the transformation of the urban space, which has had a mystical aura since the 1970s.

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