Buch Cover What was the Berlin WallThe History of Divided Berlin

Autoren: Magdalena und Gunnar Schupelius
Illustratorin: Beate Bittner
ISBN: 978-3-95723-083-6
Verfügbarkeit: sofort lieferbar
Umfang: 64 Seiten, 150 Illustrationen, 240 mm x 185 mm, Klappenbroschur
Preis: 16.95 €


On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall that had separated the city was torn down. The Wall had stood for 28 years. It was a symbol of the Cold War and the embodiment of the tense situation that divided the world. It ripped through the heart of the city. Why was it built? Who built it? What was it like living with the Wall? Why did so many people die at the Wall? Who helped tear it down?

This book spans the time from the end of the Second World War and Germany’s liberation, right through to the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. It tells the story of the people whose lives were changed by the Wall, sometimes even destroyed. It tells of politicians and heroes, villains and supporters, and of the little and big problems – and of the battle fought by the people for a free Berlin.

For children 9+.

Deutsche Originalausgabe: Als die Mauer stand