Buch Cover The GDR A History of the „Workers‘ and Peasants‘ State“

Autor: Jens Schöne
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Umfang: 288 Seiten, 200 Illustrationen, 205mm x 125mm
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Jens Schöne goes beyond the history of the GDR that has already been written. His book not only focuses on party officials, the Stasi and active opposition against the illegitimate SED regime, but also on everyday life, little villages and ’normal‘ people.

This book, filled with photographs, covers everything from the foundation of the „Workers‘ and Peasants‘ State, the people’s uprising in 1953, the building of the Wall in 1961 right through to the Peaceful Revolution and German reunification. Furthermore, the book asks how the GDR will go down in German history.

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