Buch Cover The History of Berlin for Kids

Autoren: Magdalena und Gunnar Schupelius
Illustrator: Zurab Sumbadze
ISBN: 978-3-95723-084-3
Verfügbarkeit: nicht mehr lieferbar
Umfang: 64 Seiten, 120 Illustrationen, 240 x 185 mm, Klappenbroschur
Preis: 16.95 €


The history of Berlin for children between the ages of 7 and 12. A book for children to read alone or with adults. Is it possible to imagine that there was once nothing where Berlin stands today? This book is about robbers and pig poo, wild parties and great battles, princesses, kings and kaisers, terror, war and murder under the National Socialists, life alongside the Berlin Wall, and the new beginning after the end of German division. Impressive photographs and illustrations bring history to life for kids and grown ups alike.

Deutsche Originalausgabe: Berlins Geschichte für Kinder