New English Edition, III

Herausgeberin: Anna Kaminsky
Verfügbarkeit: Oct 2021
Umfang: 352 Seiten, 292 Illustrationen, 210mm x 210mm
Preis: 19.95 €



A symbol of freedom, of the human strength of will and a relic of the Cold War. Countless pieces of the Berlin Wall were scattered around the globe after the Wall fell in 1989. These pieces of Wall embody the Berliners fight for freedom. More than 240 of these sections – each weighing tonnes – can be found in over 140 countries and on every continent. They have been located for this book. Amongst those who now own sections of the Wall are Japanese businessmen, famous art collectors and all US Presidents from the last century. There are some exciting and strange, but also tragic stories behind the pieces of the Wall. The stories in this book highlight the many ways in which the Wall has been used to commemorate the Berlin Wall and the Cold War.


Extended German 3rd edition available now