Buch Cover My Gorilla has a Villa in the ZooThe History of the Berlin Zoo from 1844 to today

Autor: Magdalena und Gunnar Schupelius
Illustrator: Zurab Sumbadze
ISBN: 978-3-95723-088-1
Verfügbarkeit: sofort lieferbar
Umfang: 64 pages, 158 illustrations, 240 x 185 mm
Preis: 16.95 €


The history of the Berlin Zoo and insider stories from 1844 to today. Each and every one of the countless animals that has lived in the Berlin Zoo since it was opened about 170 years ago is a unique creature with its own story to tell. Billy the goat who demanded a beer every evening. Bobby the gorilla who could not sleep without his cuddly toy. And Shanti the elephant who was only happy if she was playing with Theo the donkey.

Elephants, giraffes, lions, apes, sheep, wolves, birds – they are just as important to Berlin today as the Brandenburg Gate and Kurfürstendamm. Alongside the people of Berlin, the animals have survived wars and times of need. Kings, presidents and pop stars have all visited the zoo.

The texts and pictures in this book take the reader on a journey through the wacky and interesting history of the Berlin Zoo. There are tales of animal friendships and unique personalities, desperate need and the desire to help, jealous parrots, greedy tapirs, mischievous emus – and the Berliners and their great love of animals. Colourful, detailed and complete with entertaining illustrations by Zurab Sumbadze.

For children 8+.

Deutsche Originalausgabe: Mein Gorilla hat ne Villa … im Zoo!