Buch Cover Berlin Here and Now

Berlin Here and Now
including DVD 40 min. (FSK 0)

Autor: Wieland Giebel
Film: Bernd Papenfuß
Fotograf: Ron Mertiny
ISBN: 978-3-95723-044-7
Erschienen: 28.05.14
Verfügbarkeit: vergriffen
Umfang: 64 Seiten, 155 Illustrationen, 240mm X 170mm



Lively, eclectic and constantly changing: today Berlin is amongst Europe´s most thrilling and most-visited cities. Berlin expert Wieland Giebel and photographer Ron Mertiny introduce Berlin in brilliant images. There is also a 40-minute film by Bernd Papenfuß explaining the city highlights (in English and German).

Available in the following languages:

Niederl.       Ital.           Deut.        Eng.         Span.       Franz.