Buch Cover The Führer BunkerHitler´s Last Refuge

Autor: Sven Felix Kellerhoff
ISBN: 9783957230423
Erschienen: 30.04.14
Verfügbarkeit: available
Umfang: 132 Seiten, 205mm X 125mm
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Hitler’s bunker is still a fascinating topic today. Berlin’s visitors continue to search for remains. But their efforts are in vain: there is simply nothing to see.
This book shows where the bunker was located and what stands on its site today. It illuminates the construction history of the cement cave, captures the drama of Hitler’s downfall by means of contemporary witness reports, and dispels the myths surrounding the bunker. Photos and precise graphics illustrate the layout and life in the bunker. Journalist and historian Sven Felix Kellerhoff has spent years researching National Socialism. In this book he presents the most important sources and facts about the Führer bunker, from its first construction in 1935 to today’s remains. Hitler’s Führer bunker is almost the last bunker in a chain of many air raid shelters which were built in preparation for aerial warfare.
Hitler spent his last 100 days under the earth – a stark contrast to the gigantic structures in which he usually dealt with business. His bunker was not as generously equipped as one might assume.